KNIX Installation Guide

KNIX MicroFunctions runs on Kubernetes/Knative as well as on virtual machines and bare metal machines.

Installing KNIX MicroFunctions on Kubernetes/Knative

KNIX can be installed using helm charts, assuming you have a Kubernetes cluster and Knative running.

Getting Started with KNIX MicroFunctions

KNIX MicroFunctions Video Tutorial

KNIX MicroFunctions Use Cases

Publications and Talks

SAND: Towards High-Performance Serverless Computing

2018 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC)

Fast Execution for Function Compositions in Serverless Computing

Open Source Summit 2020

Leveraging Service Meshes for Accelerating Serverless Workflows

KubeCon 2020 North America

Low-Latency and Session-Oriented Serverless Workflows

Serverless Practitioners Summit Europe 2020

KNIX MicroFunctions Dev Tools